Proud to Announce Our Latest Litter

If your are interested in joining the wait list and reserving a puppy or would like more information fill out the form on the Application & Info tab! 

Each puppy will go home with 

- Age appropriate vaccinations & deworming

 - Health check preformed by a veterinarian

- Micro chip with a lifetime registration

- AKC registration information

- 1 month of heath insurance with registration 

- Puppy pamphlet 

- Goodie bag with some treats and toys

- Comfort blanket with moms scent 

- And a lifetime of support from me

The Instrument Litter 

Born December 9th they will be able to leave February 15th at 10 weeks. 


Brown (cafe au lait), Male

Personality Notes:

Calm, affectionate, and relaxed.
He’s a sweet playful puppy who’s favorite activity is cuddling. Ever since he was tiny he’s loves to fall asleep with his face tucked someones side. While his personality can be more reserved he’s sill got that outgoing puppy curiosity.  

MANDOLIN [Adopted]

Bown Tri Merl, Male

Personality Notes:

ery outgoing with a calm confidant disposition.
He’s sociable, playful and always ready to make new friends. He has one of the stronger personality of the bunch and is definitely a big goofball.


Brown Abstract Merl, Male

Personality Notes:

Calm and sweet puppy with a fun loving playful side. He easily goes from bouncing all around to relaxed and snugly. He’s not the most out going of the bunch but easy adapts the new environment/ situations once he’s had a moment to observe.


Black Merl,  Female 

Personality Notes:

Sweet, cuddly, and very people focuses. Like any puppy she loving playing with everyone but is always ready for a good snuggle. She’s a sociable and easy going puppy with a calm disposition.


Brown Merl Abstract, Female

Personality Notes:

Confidant, playful and eager for attention. Despite her smallest stature she’s got a big personality. She’s very affectionate, expressive and ready for anything, wether that be snuggles or adventures.


Black Merl Abstract, Female

Personality Notes:

Cuddly, gently, and playful. She usually starts out as the shyer one of the bunch but once she warms up she right there with the rest of her littermates. She loves all kinds of attention and loves following me around.

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