Frequently Asked Poodle Questions

What size are you poodles?

My poodles are Standards.  Ranging from 50- 65 Ibs and 24”- 27” at the withers.  

Where are you located?

We’re located just out side of Athens Ga.

Do poodles shed?

Poodles don’t shed seasonally or in the same quantity as most dogs. Because their coat is technically hair and not fur the cycle of each focal is much longer (similar to people). This quality along with their curly texture means any shedding is virtually unnoticeable out side of brushing. 

Are poodles hypoallergenic?

While no dog can be truly allergen free poodles are among a few breeds that those without extreme reactions have found don’t bother them. This is because poodles have less dander compared to most other  breeds and that in combination with there non shedding coats reduces the allergens spread around the home. 

How often do poodles need to be groomed?

Frequency of grooming does somewhat depend on the length and style of the clip as well as the amount of at home grooming done by the owner.  The topical schedules are typically every 4-6 weeks. But a shorter clip, like a kennel cut or Miami, could go more like 6-8 weeks. 

How often can I bath my poodle?

As long you’re using a quality shampoo & conditioner they can be bathed pretty regularly. I definitely recommend a full bathe and blow dry every 1-2 weeks just for basic care and maintenance.

How often should I brush my poodle?

Poodles with a coat length under 2” are very unlikely to develop matting so simply brushing once a week focusing on high friction areas will do a lot to prevent matting.
Talking with your groomer to determine what is best for your unique situation can also be helpful!

When should my puppy go to the groomer?

I recommend going as early as possible even just for a bathe, blow dry, and sanitary trim (Face, feet, and rear). This will help your puppy get used to the process and help them reduce future stress and fear in the future. 

When should I shave/trim my older puppy’s coat?

From 6 moths to a year older puppies will begin to get their adult coat and “blow” their puppy coats.  Many people decide this is time go shorter during grooms as during this time matting can really sneak up on you. 

Does my poodles face need to be shaved?

How your poodle looks is up to each person. Some like a classic clean face or the adorable teddy bear. But for puppies it after best to continue the shaved face so they don’t become nervous of fearful of the process in the future. 

Are poodles good for families with kids?

Poodles make wonderful family pets because of their loving, loyal, and gentle nature. They tend to bond to their family’s very closely and are good with young children. Because of their history as retrievers they have been breed to have very gentle mouths as to not damage their game. 

Frequently Asked Puppy Questions

Is crate training necessary?

While not technically necessary it is a very important skill for every dog to learn. Crate training can help reduce potty accidents, separation anxiety, learning destructive behavior. It also acts as a “den”, giving dogs a personal space to sleep and feel secure.  It also provides a safe way to evacuate a pet in the even of a fire, first responders will usually only be able to safely rescue pets that are contained. Have a pet that feel calm in a crate can also aid in recovery in the even of a medical emergency. 

Do pee pad help with potty training?

Pee pads can actually do more harm than good backseat if possible you never want to encourage going potty inside the house. If you need some where for them to go during the day or at night something like grass mats or grass pellets may be a better option. 

Can puppies have raw hide or bones?

Puppy teeth are very fragile and brittle so these thing are not are not recommended. Raw hide is not always the best chew because of how it can expand in the stomach. Great alternatives for dogs and puppies are Tendon chews, fish chews, and some other raw hide alternatives.

Why is my puppy chewing?

Puppies usually chew for one of two reasons. First and most common is teething. This usually lasts unit around 6 month. The second is, boredom.  Chewing is fun for dogs so if they're in need of some entertainment its important to give them a proper outlet! 

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