Meet the Gang!

Each of our standard poodles are stunning in their own ways, each of them having beautiful coats  and wonderful dispositions. Being purebred poodles they are as  non-shedding and hypoallergenic as a dog can be.


Fun loving frisbee extraordinaire and loyal shadow

Elodie is a sweet, gentle, and affectionate dog who can usually be found at someones side while they go about their tasks (usually holding a toy)  She's a very athletic dog, enjoying racing after toys and racing with the other dogs.  

She's 23" at the withers and weighs 55 Ibs. She has a beautiful black coat with a white abstract marking on her chest. She has very curly hair with lovely tight coils. She is AKC registered and has undergone genetic health testing.


Adventurous, bold, and a cuddle monster

Renee is a calm and even tempered dog who is ready for anything whether it be a hiking trip or a cuddle on the couch. She plays hard and sleeps harder. She loves to go on runs, searching for chipmunks with the other dogs, and learning new tricks.

She's 24" at the withers and weighs 57 Ibs. She has a beautiful most black coat with a silver mask and legs.  She is AKC registered and has undergone genetic health testing. 

The Extended Family

These wonderful guys make up the rest of our family 


Does as she pleases and is universally adored by every dog even if she couldn't care less. 

Uncle Jack

He keeps the order around here.  He can be found protecting everyone from those pesky birds in the sky. 

Big Brother Fitz

He’s gentle, loves babies of every kind and a protector of the little guys. 


A sweet boy who's always ready to play and is Fitz's sidekick. 


He's always up for anything, a real dogs dog and a good hugger.

Welcom to Poodles at Almond Acres

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