Puppy Suplies Recommendations

This is just a list of products I've found and used. 

42” Midwest Homes wire crate With divider

The garage door style door make this a great crate to give your dog open access with out being in the way.  It also comes with a divider to grow with your puppy during potty training. 


40” Petmate Dog crate

I find this style tends to fit poodles better because of the added hight it has. Having a crate they can sit up fully in doesn't apply to crates for the car.  


Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed

Its a great indoor/outdoor bed. Mine like to have their fluffy beds placed on top. I've even taken them camping to give my girls a spot to be that's off the ground.  I also liked the metal frame that discourages chewing and its super light weight. only down side is that its difficult to put together. 


Coolaroo Replacement Cover

An inexpensive replacement that's great when it comes to normal wear or intentional damage.  


Rolled Leather Collar

Not great for walks but perfect for day to day wear and holding ID tags. The rolled leather sits in the coat instead of on top helping to prevent mating and damage if your keeping the coat long.


Martingale collar 2”

I love this style for walks and its easy to just slip on.  When pressure is applied the collar is designed to constrict evenly, dispersing the pressure to prevent choking or injury. The wider band style also helps distribute pressure over a broader area. 


Martingale collar 1.5”

Same as the collar above but a smaller band.!


WINSEE Dog Harness

Probably one of my favorite harnesses. I prefer a front and back panel with structure to prevent the harness from riding up. its super adjustable and is my go to for training puppies and going on hikes.

Pluse it just fits poodles well! 


Leash With trafic handle & snap hook

I always recommend having a leash with a traffic handle it make every walk easier, especially with a puppy. The snap style hook makes attaching the leash super easy and fast. 


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